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Enrichment Opportunities

Abbeywood First School’s Enrichment Guarantee 

The Enrichment Guarantee offers opportunities to turn powerful thinking into practical action through pupil leadership. As part of the Enrichment Guarantee, we will ensure that you can access a high quality and thoughtful PSHE and RSHE curriculum and a strong futures/careers education. We will teach you about British Values and active responsible citizenship through an inclusive school experience.  


Every young life is unique. None of us knows the limits of what we might achieve. We want you to leave school with an appetite for learning about all aspects of life, for the rest of your life. Our Enrichment Guarantee is the start of your lifelong learning journey. 

We guarantee you the opportunity to enrich your educational experience through:

Please click here to download the Central Region Schools Trust Enrichment document.


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Working closely with the University of Worcester, Abbeywood is proud to celebrate the commitment that our pupils put into extra-curricular activities through being at Children’s University.

Children’s University is a charity that works in partnership with schools to develop a love of learning in children. We do this by encouraging and celebrating participation in extra-curricular activities in and outside of school. The impact of these activities is proven to be positive which is why we are committed to creating a level playing field of opportunity and opening up access to children of all backgrounds. Pupils earn a stamp per hour in their Passport for Learning for each of their extra-curricular activities, accumulating to Bronze (30 stamps), Silver (65 stamps) and Gold (100 stamps) awards at their graduation ceremony.

For every child that takes part in Children’s University, we want the following outcomes:

  • They feel they have grown in confidence and self-belief
  • They have enjoyed new experiences, in new places and want to keep exploring
  • They believe they have a broader range of essential skills
  • They feel empowered to make positive choices about their future
  • They see that learning is fun, aspirational and lifelong
  • They feel their eyes have been opened to a multiplicity of learning activities and opportunities
  • They feel celebrated for their commitment to learning by their family, school and community 

With the wide range of extra-curricular activities accredited by Children’s University at Abbeywood and in the wider community, pupils are spoilt for choice in trying out new skills and experiences whilst also developing their confidence in hobbies they already love. 


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